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  1. GENERAL INFORMATION Country name: England / United Kingdom (UK) Capital: London Area: 130,395 km² Population: 53.01 million people Currency: British Pound (GBP) £ Time zone: GMT (UTC + 0); summer: BST (UTC + 1) Language: English - (UK English)

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Britain was unified in the 10th century and its name, London (London), was the kingdom's largest city, and was confirmed by the majority of studies to be the largest city in the European Union.

England was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, which changed the history of the world, making England a leading economic center in the world and then the Systematic Heroic Empire. colonies around the world with the nickname: "the country of the Sun never sets".

The UK is also one of the world's most influential cultural centers. This is the origin of English, the universal language of the world and the Church of England. English law is also the foundation for many other legal systems in many countries around the world.



Geographically, the UK consists of the central region and two-thirds of the British Isles, plus offshore islands such as Isle of Wight and Scilly Island. England borders two brother states in the United Kingdom — Scotland in the north and Wales in the west. He is closer to the European Continent than any other part of the British continent.

The country is separated from France by a 34 km wide strait, although the two countries are connected by the Manche Strait Tunnel near Folkestone. Because England is located on an island, it is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Ireland, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


Britain's mild marine climate means its temperature limits are not lower than 0 ° C in the winter and no higher than 32 ° C in the summer. The climate is often humid and changeable. The coldest months are January and February, especially February on the UK coast, while July is usually the hottest month. The months with mild to moderate weather with little rainfall are May, June, September and October.

The biggest influences on British weather are from the geographical proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the north latitude of England and the warm waters surrounding the Gulf Stream. He receives quite a lot of rain during the year, with autumn and winter being the lowest humidity periods - geographically Ho District has more rainfall than anywhere else in the country. From the beginning of the weather data storage, the highest recorded temperature was 38.5 ° C on August 10, 2003 at Brogdale in Kent, while the lowest temperature was −26.1 ° C January 10. 1982 in Edgmond, Shropshire.


England - a multicultural country. Throughout the UK's history, many races and cultures have influenced this culture.

The UK has long had a tradition of accepting migrants from around the world, many of whom have permanently settled there. Thousands of families have lived in England and consider it their homeland, creating a multi-ethnic, easy-to-integrate, and culturally diverse society. There are also over a quarter million international students studying here.

The British love to go to public places to have fun. Theaters, music rooms, and galleries are available in major cities and towns; major sporting events conducted on weekends; Beer bars and restaurants are everywhere. Because the UK is also home to many famous composers, authors, dancers and actors - world famous for their performing arts and literature.

He is also an ideal tourist destination. Thanks to the geographical location so close to each other, it is easy to learn about those countries. A network of aviation, rail, long-distance buses and city buses will take you wherever you want to go in the UK; so you don't need a private car like in some other countries. Most public transportation is available to students at special rates.

Tourism industry in the UK: Top 4 best schools for international students If you want to visit other European countries, it's easy. Tunneling through the strait, low-cost flights and convenient ferry boats make you never feel like you're too far from major cities, capitals of European countries. The proximity to other European countries facilitates many VQA's training institutions to introduce jobs and combine student training in those countries.

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