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Virus protection logged in to my Norton account

If you wish to Login to Norton Account and apply for it, you'll get a free upgrade for as long as you're a qualified account. If a Norton expert is unable to remove the virus from your machine, you will be given credit based on the current word's real cost.

When you have a package (a qualifying subscription purchased by Norton Life Lock or a third-party package offer), you will be reimbursed at a discount price given by the Seller that does not exceed the total bundled price charged for the current period's valid subscription.

Except in some areas and countries where shipping, handling, and taxes are refundable, less shipping, handling, and charge issues, any payback shall be exempt from promotions or coupons obtained. Virus-caused damage will be deducted from the refund.

Norton antivirus provides three levels of security for sponsored search results (supported links) offered by Norton Safe Search, which may contain untrustworthy supported links that aren't filtered out by the search results. Additionally, Windows users who have Norton antivirus protection will have access to four Norton Cloud Backup options. Only five Norton Safe Cam utilities are installed on Windows.

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