Commit 31d29739 authored by Daniel Hürtgen's avatar Daniel Hürtgen
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[FEATURE] Apply configured lock implementation expiration to lock implementation if possible

parent 2f60d007
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ namespace Higidi\Lock;
use Higidi\Lock\Builder\LockBuilder;
use Higidi\Lock\Configuration\Configuration;
use NinjaMutex\Lock\LockExpirationInterface;
use NinjaMutex\Lock\LockInterface;
use TYPO3\CMS\Core\Locking\Exception\LockCreateException;
use TYPO3\CMS\Core\Locking\LockFactory as CoreLockFactory;
......@@ -116,6 +117,9 @@ class LockFactory extends CoreLockFactory
if ($lockImplementation instanceof LockExpirationInterface) {
$this->lockImplementation = $lockImplementation;
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